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Suryodaya Urja

Quality Policy

As Issued on 23rd December, 2003, the Revision no. 03 of Issue No. 01 Quality Policy of Suryodaya Urja Pvt. Ltd. is stated as

“The policy of Suryodaya Urja Pvt. Ltd. is to provide environment- friendly Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and related services in order to satisfy and improve standard of living of customers by fulfilling legal and customer requirements, setting and reviewing objectives and continually improving our systems.”
Suryodaya Urja

Service Policy

Suryodaya Urja management is committed to providing proper after sales services to all its customers as far as possible. Customer satisfaction cannot be achieved without strengthening after sales services especially when we are dealing with Power Supply System and electronic devices.

Suryodaya Urja provides free maintenance services to all of our customers for two years.The quality of maintenance service will not be compromised at any cost.

All our customers will receive periodic visit by our service engineer / technician in every six months.There will be regular telephone inquiry.

Complains registration a standard procedure is followed to note down the problem and rectify. Site visit by our service technician is arranged as early as possible.

Suryodaya Urja trains its customers for regular operation and minor troubleshooting of Solar System and its components. Suryodaya Urja will provide an efficient USER’S MANUAL especially designed for the Solar System. The manual also covers the details about the solar system.

Suryodaya Urja

Warranty Policy

1 Komaes (PV) Module 25-year power warranty*
2 ISOFOTON (PV) Module 25-year power warranty *
3 Volta Deep Cycle Solar Battery with Positive Tubular plate 3-Year full warranty
4 Charge/Load Controllers 2-Year full warranty
5 Inverters 2-Year full warranty
6 Mounting Structure 2-Year full warranty
7 Suryodaya LED Lamps 5-year full Warranty
*against 20% power loss and 10 year warranty against defects